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Fancy New Taco Bell ‘Defy’ Boasts Multi Lanes and a Bell-Evator

When I saw this I was honestly hoping the flagship store would be where my Taco Bell was. It’s being remodeled into a boring grey square version of its more colorful self, and I thought this might make it better. But alas this super futuristic Taco Bell will be sat in Minnesota.

The new type of Taco Bell, dubbed Taco Bell Defy, is a 3,000 square foot restaurant that’ll have four drive-thru lanes. One for regular drive up ordering and three that will be dedicated mobile or other order pick up lanes.

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People that drive through the pick up lanes will get to interact with a screen that connects them to employees inside. Their food will come down a “Bell-evator.” Think something like putting your deposit into one of those tube shuttles at the bank only it won’t just shoot it to it’s destination. Hopefully it will carefully transport it to you so that your pintos and cheese cups don’t spill all over the place. Which happens too often when they pack the bags wrong and hand them to you anyway.

“This new, innovative concept breaking ground in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, will improve a major aspect of the consumer experience: drive-thru speed,” said Aaron Engler, President of Border Foods. “We’re partnering with Taco Bell and the best and brightest in technology and design to create what will very likely be the future of quick service restaurants.”

This new store is set to break ground this month, August 2021 with a completion date set for sometime in 2022.

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