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Batman Returns: Michael Keaton Talks Putting Suit Back On for “The Flash”

We remember how excited we were when it was confirmed that our favorite cinematic Batman was returning. The one and only Michael Keaton will appear in the upcoming “The Flash” solo film as Bruce Wayne and Dark Knight- Batman. He’s not the only capped crusader showing up in the flashpoint-adjacent film, but, is by far the one we’re looking forward to the most. The very idea of an older Keaton in the cowl brings back up wishes for a live-action “Batman Beyond” film.

ANYHOW. Since we know without a doubt we’ll be seeing Keaton in the full rubber suit again, it raises an interesting set of questions. Primarily, how did it feel to slip into something decidedly less comfortable again after three decades?

Thankfully Keaton is in the middle of doing a press junket for his upcoming film “The Protégé,” and was asked this very question by Jake Hamilton during a recent episode of Jake’s Takes.

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Jake: “When you put that suit back on, when you put the cowl back on after 30 years, what’s going through your head? What sort of memories does it bring up when you put it back on?”

Michael Keaton: “It was shockingly…..normal. Was weird. And I was like…’oh, yeah, that’s right.’ But then you start to play scenes, and….a lot of memories. LOT of memories. Really interesting sense memories actually.”

Jake then asks the all important question to Keaton- has he said the iconic line “I’m Batman” in “The Flash” yet. Judging by Keaton’s reaction….we’re gonna assume YES.

You can watch the full interview below.

The Protégé” opens on August 20th, 2021.

The Flash is set to hit theaters in November of 2022.

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