Calming Nature: Watch 7 Beautiful Moths Take Off in Slow Motion

If you’re a fan of the beauty of nature you should check this out. Ant Lab on YouTube has compiled a gorgeous video of 7 moths taking off in slow motion. They were each captured at 6,000 frames per second, and the results are absolutely stunning.

I’m not usually a fan of moths but I have to say, if a Rosy Maple Moth ever wanted to make my house it’s home I’d do my best for it. Just so I could have the pretty pink and yellow moth live with me. Check out the video below!

The moths in the video were all caught and released after filming. They were collected and filmed in Cornish, NH between July 12 – 16.

Moths featured in this video are:

  • Rosy maple moth – Dryocampa rubicunda
  • Polyphemus moth – Antheraea polyphemus
  • Dark marathyssa – Marathyssa inficita
  • Virginian tiger moth – Spilpsoma virginica
  • Beautiful wood-nymph – Eudryas grata
  • White-dotted prominent – Nadata gibbosa
  • Blinded sphinx – Paonias exaecata

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