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Become a Lord or Lady of Scotland for Only $50 Right Now!

If you’ve ever wanted to own land in Scotland or have the title of Lord or Lady then I’ve found the perfect thing for you. A company called Established Titles is selling plots of land and titles for as low as $50.

You don’t get much land for $50, just a square foot of land and a certificate. The company also donates to the UK Woodland Trust, One Tree Planted and Trees for the future to help with tree planting efforts. Established Titles pledge is that these plots of land are meant to conserve Scotland’s beautiful iconic scenery.

They say:

Established Titles is committed to the preservation and protection of woodland areas in Scotland. As part of our concerted efforts, Established Titles has pledged to keep the entire woodland free from any other uses except for the peaceful enjoyment of the land, thereby protecting the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the area. We have further pledged to protect the land from being disturbed by construction, sporting, driving or other similar activities.

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So along with owning a piece of land you’re also helping the nature thrive there. The Lord and Lady packages each come with:

  • A downloadable certificate
  • At least one square foot of dedicated land on a private estate in Wigtownshire, Scotland (depending on which package you purchase)

This would make an excellent novelty gift for someone or just be a nice thing to own for yourself. I know I would love to have a certificate hanging in my office. And of course I would be using Google Maps to find out exactly where my piece of land is.

You can check out the company by clicking the link here. I suggest reading the reviews and testimonials. Some of them are quite funny!

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