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Customer Leaves $16k Tip After Ordering Just $37 Worth Of Food

A diner in New Hampshire did a crazy thing. They ordered a small meal for one including a two hot dogs, chips, and a couple of drinks. That’s not the crazy part though, as the entire tab came out to be $37. But the person left a $16,000 tip!

When the person gave them the meal ticket back they had to prompt the bartender a few times to check the amount. Mike Zarella, who owns the Stumble Inn Bar & Grill ,said the girls who were serving that night were shocked.

Zarella told CNN “When she looked down, she was just absolutely shocked. She was like, ‘Oh, my God, no that’s just crazy. The girls went over to him and thanked him. They are overjoyed.”

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Mike Zarella via CNN

This all happened on June 12, but they wanted to wait until the check cleared to make sure that it was real. Well, the check cleared, and we’re happy to report that it was 100% real! If you’re wondering how big of a tip that actually is, it’s about 43,244%. And I used a tip calculator to find that number so it’s only .28 cents off.

The bar uses pool tipping so that means that it was shared among the servers and they also decided to share with the kitchen staff. Pool tipping is common among restaurants and makes it work out better for those that get low tips one night and high tips another. Zarella opted not to keep any of the money and distributed it out to his staff, many of which are single mothers. They said they would be using their share for summer vacations they couldn’t regularly pay for.

I would imagine that this would be a once in a lifetime event for those at the bar and grill. Definitely something that will be talked about the rest of their lives and fondly remembered. The customer wished to remain anonymous but it’s good deeds like this that can really help out an unsuspecting person.

While you don’t have to tip this high, please always tip your servers.

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