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Costco Announces an Exclusive Holographic Pokémon Box Set

There are many brand exclusives, but for some reason this collaboration just sounds funny. We’re not going to complain though because we’re getting an exclusive holofoil of Charizard! It just so happens that the card can only be bought at Costco. If that’s not worth the membership fee then I don’t know what is.

PokeBeach broke the news that this was a Canadian Costco offering after being sent images from a fan of their blog. The cards included are a “repack” of other previously distributed cards. The cool thing however is that some of the cards originally sold are now holographic.

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The package includes new cosmo holofoil versions of:

  • Charizard from Team Up
  • Pikachu from Shining Legends
  • Dragonite from Unified Minds
  • Mewtwo from Unbroken Bonds.

We’re unsure if these cards will be offered in the United States but seeing as how we’ve had major issues with people buying up cards and reselling Costco might opt not to. Though I could see them selling quite a few more memberships just so people had the chance to get these.

You can get the cards on Ebay for a fairly decent price at the moment if you want to try that route.

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