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Magical Mushroom Pendants Perfect for your Cottage Core Friend

I’d like to start by saying that these pendants are amazing! If you want something to help you feel connected to mother Earth I highly suggest getting one of these. Especially as a gift for someone who’s into the fairy/goth aesthetic.

These pendants are made by Indigo Crystals, and they have much more than just these pendants. They also have pinecone framed pendants that use a pinecone as a frame. After checking out their site, I have to say I’m truly impressed with the amount of work that goes into each and every one of these.

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All of the mushroom crystals made are made out of molds from real crystals. That means that each have their own unique textures and flaws. The crystals are each made individually and the creator says that the bubbles inside are from organic materials.

I for one love anything found in nature that can be repurposed as something useful. For me, it means that these things never die. For instance a pressed flower made into a bookmark can be used forever, so it’s always appreciated. The natural beauty that each one of these has is so individual you can’t help but admire them.

What do you think of these magical jewelry items? Check out Indigo Crystals on their website here.

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