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Things We Want To See in The Breath of The Wild Sequel

E3 brought with it a lot of hits and misses, but one of the biggest hits comes from Nintendo’s showcase where they announced the upcoming Breath of The Wild sequel. The game’s title is still being kept a secret to avoid any spoilers for fans, but a trailer has been released to showcase the game’s wonderful gameplay.

Although it will be a while before the game is released (expected release date in 2022) remember to get your Nintendo eShop Cards and be prepared nonetheless!

Like most fans, we’re sure there are things that you’re excited to see when this highly anticipated sequel is released. So, here’s our take on what we want to see in Breath of The Wild 2!

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More Champions

Of course, having new champions or characters added to the game would make it so much more worthwhile. Not to say that we’re tired of Link and the current roster of characters, but new faces would be very much welcomed. It’s time for fresh faces alongside the old, new personalities and abilities to explore and experiment with. 

In the first instalment, we saw four new champions and their successors, but we never got the chance to fully explore the successors so we’re hoping this sequel could give us that chance. A new set of companions fighting alongside Link, we would get to experience new personalities and dynamics.

Hyrule Area Exploration

Exploring the area as a pastime is a nice break from battle or finishing quests. Everything else can wait, let’s enjoy more beautiful scenery and ruins, escaping into the world of Hyrule. From the trailer itself, we’ve noted a new underground area that we will get to explore, and that just means that there is so much more to discover.

All these new areas don’t really come as a surprise if you recall the passage of time at the end of Breath of The Wild stating something about new towns, caves and shrines popping up and being uncovered. Here’s to hoping we could venture beyond the borders of Hyrule and into the unknown beyond the mountains as well!

Playing As Princess Zelda

Ever since Princess Zelda was introduced, we’ve been aching to try her out as a character and we know she has a huge potential to be a powerful character. But for some reason, Nintendo has been avoiding the inevitable. I mean, sure, they made Princess Zelda playable in Hyrule Warriors, but why can’t they do the same in Breath of the Wild, where she arguably has more influence? Her name is in the game title, after all.

Plus, we’re pretty sure Princess Zelda is tired of getting kidnapped all the time and would eventually decide enough is enough. In fact, players have been clamouring to see her as a playable character for the longest time, and it is one of the fan theories circulating around the release of Breath of The Wild’s sequel. Hopefully, it proves to be more than just a theory!

Having the chance to switch between Link and Princess Zelda as playable characters would be kinda cool as well. So please Nintendo, just give us what we want!

Co-Op Mode Please

Of course, this goes hand in hand with Princess Zelda being playable but just imagine being able to play co-op with both Link and Zelda hand in hand. I’m sure that this is something we all would love to see. Plus, you can bring along your partner for the ride; especially if they’re new to the game. Honestly, it could even be a cute date idea.

That aside, just having a co-op mode would be fun. Exploring and fighting monsters alongside someone is a powerful bonding experience that would definitely make the game more special. You wouldn’t have to go through battles alone and would have someone to support you as you journey through the world of Hyrule.

Rebuilding Hyrule

Assuming there would have been a huge lapse in time from the first Breath of The Wild to the sequel, it would be a shame to leave Hyrule still in ruins. It’s time to rebuild and fix up all the damage caused over the years, restoring the buildings to their former glory. Although, judging from the trailer, it seems that Hyrule would have to go through further destruction before it could get any better.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to be able to have a hand in rebuilding the ruins and destroyed world of Hyrule. Hopefully, we would get a side quest to help in rebuilding or gathering items to rebuild the towns and ruins.

Weapon Improvements

Let’s be real, some weapon improvements are way overdue. Let’s hope the developers realised that and have finally come up with some sort of improvements because it would be a shame to engage in combat with terrible weapons. Okay, the weapons aren’t exactly terrible. The terrible part is the weapon breaking system. 

Since each weapon has a life limit, it would be nice to know how much life is left in a weapon on the go so we won’t be caught off-guard when it breaks. It would also be nice to be able to strengthen the weapons before they break so that we don’t have to keep finding new ones and use them for a longer period of time. Or, just.. forgo the whole weapon breaking system.

Perhaps, it would be a nice touch to be able to upgrade weapons, especially if we’re on a bad luck streak finding weapons.

What Would You Like To See?

So that’s a rough summary of what we would like to see in the upcoming Breath of The Wild sequel! Do let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the comments below. Let’s talk theories or speculations and get it going! We can’t wait for Nintendo to release more information on the game or at the very least its title. It’s going to be a blast to experience and journey through Hyrule once more.

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