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eToro Trading Platform Review For Trading Lovers

eToro is a platform for trading. It is a U.K.-based trading platform, which has 17 million users. The users are almost from a hundred countries. Previously it was a platform of graphic forex intensive. These tools are effective in crypto trading. Customers who are not from the U.S can even trade on stocks and CFDs. 

It is under the regulation of FCA,i.e., Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC, i.e., Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. $200 is the minimum deposit to start trading. The only con about it is that it does not give you the option of scalping. Today, in this article, you get the details of eToro Review to know about the trading.

Main Takeaways of The Trading Platform

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The registered states in the USA can use this platform for trading in cryptocurrencies. Though there is no mention of commissions, there is a spread that eToro takes. It has a graphical and user-friendly interface. The new traders can copy or even follow the traders who are already enjoying profits on the platform. In the USA, Puerto Rico, Delaware, New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, Nevada, and New Hampshire are the states where people can sign up but cannot trade. 

People of American Samoa, Guam, the U.S.Virgin Islands, Hawaii cannot become trading customers. All other states can register on this platform. So, people can sign up, make an account and start trading. The basic knowledge of forex helps to begin trading. It is a customized platform that makes trading easy. There is no withdrawal fee for the U.S people. From different countries, there is a $5 fee as a withdrawal fee.

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Who Can Use eToro

The platform’s main feature is that it has a unique proprietary platform where the individual trader copies the trading and implements it in the same way. It only features those who follow the rules of risk control. Based on real-time, the retail holders of accounts can change the trade and even trading strategies. 

Trading copy does not have any credibility of gain or loss. U.S customers do not get any equity from eToro. Within 24×7, you can trade in fifteen cryptocurrencies. You can easily use it in mobile app and even as a desktop website. The traders of cryptocurrency have a significant and engaging community. The trading spread is pretty big. You have to pay at least $25 to buy the cryptocurrency. For copy trading, you need high minimums. 


It is an attractive platform for new cryptocurrency traders. As it is easy to use, so many traders are joining in and loving the platform. You hardly need any help because it is easy to understand websites or apps. There is a fair amount of research. So, you can open side tabs to enlighten yourself as an educationist about the platform. 

For U.S customers, it gives a different experience compared to non-U.S residents. You cannot transfer the cryptocurrency to an outside wallet. For this, you have to talk to investors if they can use bitcoin on any other platforms. 

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