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Alan Dershowitz Sues Netflix For $80 Million Over Epstein Docuseries

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor who once defended Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump in court, is suing Netflix for $80 million. He claims that Netflix mislead him about how he would be portrayed onscreen. Dershowitz is citing that Virginia Giuffre‘s testimony in the four-part documentary “Filthy Rich” is entirely false.

Filthy Rich” debuted on Netflix in 2018. Director Lisa Bryant’s docuseries was centered on the victims of Epstein and part of that included those involved in a sex trafficking ring. Virginia Giuffre, one of the women featured, says that she was hired on as Epstein’s masseuse and then groomed to sleep with him and other higher ups like Dershowitz. She was 17.

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Part of the lawsuit states: “Giuffre’s accusations that she had sex with Professor Dershowitz are categorically false, and Professor Dershowitz has denied and disproved the accusations — including under oath subject to the penalties of perjury.”

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Dershowitz claims Giuffre is “a serial liar who has deliberately made up stories about me and others in the hopes of cashing in on millions of dollars.”

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday May 26th in Miami Federal court. Dershowitz states that Netflix intentionally mislead him about his appearance in the documentary. He’s also saying that Netflix defamed him by falsely implying that he had sex with one of Epstein’s victims.

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