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MST3K Raises Over $6.5 Million For Full Season!

We are so absolutely delighted to share the news that “Mystery Science Theater 3000” has hit their fundraising goal. Not only did they hit the original number they were hoping for- they completely surpassed it.

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At a final count of $6,519,019 fans can look forward to a full 12-episode season, bonus episode, and the Gizmoplex portal which will host the new episodes, classic episodes, live events and more.

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We have to imagine “MST3K” creator Joel Hodgson and co are giddy with this news. Hell, even Joel Robinson is returning to host 2 episodes!

Io9 reports that Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett of Rifftrax will also be involved with shows and specials on Gizmoplex.

Obviously this particular campaign doesn’t NEED more donations, but you can make late ones here.

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