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This Kitchen Drawer Requires 3-Factor Authentication to Open

What a smart idea to have something in place so kids can’t get into the knife drawer! When I first clicked on this YouTube video, I thought to myself “oh this is interesting!” I assumed the reason for 3-factor identification for a kitchen drawer would be because there were small children in the house. But, it was really due to poor design.

Videographer Tyler Wilcha, who purchased a home in Fishkill, New York must have overlooked this detail when deciding to live here.

In order to get this kitchen drawer open, first you have to open the stove. Then to get it to open further, you have to flip the light on the stove on. And if that wasn’t enough to get the drawer to open all the way you have to actually turn a burner on. It’s a case of woe and bad apartment construction.

Check out the video below.

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Also, kinda reminds us of that “The Simpsons” Treehouse of Horror episode with the Pierce Brosnan-voiced house of the future.

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