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“MST3K” Launches New Kickstarter, Reaches Over $1 Million on First Day

Great news for “MST3K” fans! We’re well on our way to getting new episodes and a boatload of new fun things to play with. Joel Hodgson has created a new Kickstarter for a new round of funding to create more of what we love. The goals include making more episodes, AND launching an entire production company!

The first goal of $2 million is close to being met ON THE FIRST DAY! At the time of this writing, they’ve made $1,425,00 and by the time you click through the link it may well be hit.

Joel says he’s had LOTS of time to think about what to do next. Surely being cancelled by Netflix was pretty sad, but thankfully he’s got the attitude to move forward.

Thanks to all of you, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has come a long way since our first Kickstarter.  Now, if you decide to get involved again, here’s what we can do next:

1. MAKE MORE MST3K episodes with a new, sustainable model, that lets you decide how long we should keep going, and lets us bring new episodes directly to you, without depending on a network to distribute or keep renewing us for new seasons.

2. BUILD “THE GIZMOPLEX”, our own virtual online theater, where we can host frequent live screenings, premieres, and community events – and you can host MST3K watch parties with friends whenever you want. More on that in a minute. 

THE GIZMOPLEX is probably the coolest part of the whole deal. It’s going to be a virtual online theater where you can host live screenings, premieres and community events. If they can reach enough funding then an app will be put on the most popular devices like Apple, Android and Roku.

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AV Club did a really cool interview with Joel where he goes into some more details about his future plans.

The whole thing is very exciting and if you want to donate and read all about it please head to the project’s Kickstarter here.

All I can say if we get more tours of the team that would be the best thing possible. There are few people who really love what they do and the team behind “MST3K” are the real deal. And they really know how to make the fans feel special.

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