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This Couch Looks Like A Real Life “The Simpsons” Gag

Ever thought to yourself “what can I do to make people feel uncomfortable in my home?” Well if you have this couch might be for you. Either for that reason, or for the fact that it looks like a real life couch gag out of “The Simpsons.”

In “The Simpsons” there is a sketch they’ve since season one. They’ve continued this tradition for the entirety of the show and I can’t help but compare it to this couch I’ve found from Designer Fabio Novembre. He’s created this couch for Capellini and it’s a bit of a statement piece. See below…

Fabio Novembre

The couch is called “Adaptation” and Novembre has a statement about it on their site.

Keep Going!
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The history of life is the history of the adaptation to a constantly evolving environment.

Often we take the comfort acquired for granted, laying down as if it belonged to us forever. But this is a world where there is no revenue of a position, where is important to always find a new balance.

Adaptation is a seating system confronted with the uncertainties of our time, with the precariousness of the structures, suggesting that just a little adaptative capacity is needed to continue to live and to smile. History teaches us that those who cannot adapt are doomed to extinction.

For people like me though it gives off a weird feeling. If you’ve ever been to that one room at Knott’s Berry Farm where it’s a giant optical illusion you’ll know what I mean. It’s just not right…

But if you like it and want to get it for your home no judgement! To each their own. You can check out the full information on the couch by clicking the link here.

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