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Hang Out With The Real Donkey From “Shrek” in San Francisco

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And maybe visit Perry the donkey who was the model for Donkey in the Dreamworks hit “Shrek.”

Perry lives at the Palo Alto’s Bol Park and you can hang out with him. He’s a Jerusalem donkey that was born in New York and moved to Stanford to be a calming influence on polo horses. If you visit Perry you can tell that they were the donkey used in “Shrek.” Since they used videos and images of Perry you can see Donkey in how he moves, brays and breathes.

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They take the donkeys out for a walk every Sunday at 10am to 11am but if you miss them don’t worry. They have a little mailbox where you can leave a letter, note or artwork for the Donkeys.

Read more about Perry and the donkeys at Bol Park in the article here.

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