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Nintendo is Increasing the Size of the Switch’s Display

Nintendo is planning on a new round of Switches, this time with a bigger display. With Xbox and PlayStation both having new consoles out this is a smart move by Nintendo

According to Bloomberg Nintendo will unveil the new model equipped with a bigger Samsung OLED display this year.

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Samsung Display will start production of 7-inch panels in June. Currently the size of a Switch display is 6.2 inches and the Switch lite is 5.5. The additional .8 inches makes a big difference. A good example is looking at the screen of a Switch Lite and compare that to a regular Switch.

The display will be a Samsung OLED and have a 720p resolution. Samsung’s goal for monthly units is just under a million. The displays are slated for shipment to assemblers around July.

So far there is no word to if this will effect the price or if they are phasing out earlier versions of the console. We’ll keep you updated!

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