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Ryan Reynolds Debuts New Snapchat Series “Ryan Doesn’t Know”

If anyone ever asks “do we really need more Ryan Reynolds?” the answer is and always will be unequivocally yes. Reynolds seems to be hell bent on doing as much as he possible can during the pandemic, announcing a new Snapchat series called “Ryan Doesn’t Know.” By his own admission, “you could fill a gymnasium with all the things I don’t know.” So in effort to “learn a little about a lot” Reynolds debuted his 12 episode series on Snapchat Originals on Jan 30th.

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Reynolds will collaborate with talented artists from all different walks of life to learn new skills and hobbies. These include things like Ice Sculpting, Floral arranging, and even axe throwing. Always humble and self aware, Ryan says in the trailer, “whatever I do is going to suck.” Snapchat Originals is a Westbrook Media production, a studio owned by Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Ryan is one of the funniest people out there and watching him connect with and learn from these unbelievably talented creatives is a true joy,” Westbrook Media president Brad Haugen said of the project. “He and the Maximum Effort team were amazing partners on this project, and of course, we love working with the phenomenal Snap team. We are excited for Ryan to learn a few things and ready to bring more fun to Snapchatters everywhere.”

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Ugh. Thanks, Ryan. This means I have to learn Snapchat now.

You can watch the trailer for “Ryan Doesn’t Know” below.

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