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Rosario Dawson Shows Off Her Incredible Ahsoka Tano Transformation

Rosario Dawson‘s appearance as the titular fan favorite Jedi Ahsoka Tano in “The Mandalorian” was one of the most anticipated Star Wars cameos to date. Fans seemed to have willed Dawson into the role, heavily campaigning for her to get the part, and championing her as the perfect Ahsoka. Fans were rewarded with not only confirmation that they were in fact correct, but also with perhaps one of the most well made episodes of the season.


The Mandalorian” sports some impressive creative works across the board. Everything from the writing to directing to set pieces to cinematography, the show prides itself on not only the merits of story telling but its visuals. Never one to shy away from sharing these feats, Dawson took to instagram to reveal how much work went into to bringing Ahsoka from animation to real life. The videos were released on Friday Jan 29th, in honor of Ahsoka Tano Day.

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Sharing two videos, one creating Ahsoka and one dismantling her, Dawson demonstrates just how much work makeup artists put in to creating the beloved character. Both are incredible to watch, and is again a testament to the care and creativity that went into The Mandolorian, as well as the enormous amount of time Dawson had to sit in the same chair.

You can check out the videos below. Dawson will reprise her role as Ahsoka in a number of upcoming spinoffs, including her own series “Ahsoka” and the upcoming “Kenobi” series starring Ewan McGregor.

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