Marvel Comics Reveals Heroes Reborn Series with Covers

Marvel Comics teased a brand-new series coming, called Heroes Reborn, with a series of covers and a cryptic “more info coming next week” message. We have to say, we’re seriously interested in some of the possible storylines teased with these pieces of art.

Ok, let’s start with the easy covers-

Agent Coulson, Running for President

Obviously we’re not sure what all is going on here, but who HASN’T run for President in the Marvel roster?

Hulk, kicking some space lizard’s ass

Oh, Hello Thanos

Thing-less Ben Grimm with Reed Richards

Now for the “weird ones”…..

Wanda, as Enchantress?

Peter Parker taking a photo of….someone?

We’re not sure who the heck that is that Peter Parker is snapping a photo of, but it almost looks like DC Comics’ Shazam? Or Dr. Fate?

Wolverine, Alpha Flight, and Dr. Strange?

Juggernaught as Dr. Victor Doom?

Obviously, we’ll let you know what Marvel Comics reveals about this upcoming series as soon as they….you know….reveal it.