Elder Scrolls Ritual of Mara Ring Will Cost You $1,000

How great would it be to own some of the treasures we discover in games? Just imagine, some of your favorite swords proudly displayed on the mantle. Or perhaps, some intricate jewelry you can wear when you want to look fancy. Well, Bethesda is now offering at least one such a piece. However, you’ll need to dig deep in your pockets to snag it.

Recently, the Ritual of Mara ring appeared on Bethesda’s store. At a whopping $1,000, this gigantic gold ring brings a part of “The Elder Scrolls Online” to life. According to its product description, the ring is made of 10K yellow gold and “polished to a mirror shine.” Its thick band shows off the intricate pattern weaving across it. On the inside, an engraving states “with this ring and Mara’s blessing.” If you like massive and dramatic jewelry, then perhaps this is the perfect piece for you.

Image Credit: Bethesda

Mara is one of the nine divines in the Elder Scrolls lore. She serves as the goddess of love, compassion, and marriage. As a result, many people incorporate her into their marriage ceremonies. In real life, buying an insanely expensive ring is probably not the best way to seek love. However, if for some reason you feel truly compelled to own this piece of Elder Scrolls merch then more power to you.

The Ritual of Mara ring is available for pre-order until February 14. After that, the ring will disappear from the Bethesda shop forever. If you are tight on cash, a sterling silver version is also available for $85. So if you want a piece of Tamriel love, you better act fast.

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