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Anderson Cooper’s NYE Giggle Fit Caused by Snoop Dogg

There are few things in this world I personally love more than to see CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper get hit with an uncontrollable giggle fit. It’s pure, it’s adorable, and it’s oftentimes infectious.

The best one will always be Cooper’s tackling of French actor Gerard Depardieu‘s unfortunate decision to pee into a water bottle on board a plane. Remember that? Back in 2011, it was one of the most ridiculous things to be reported on. *sigh* Oh, the good ol days. Seriously, watch Cooper try (and fail) to get through the script, filled with puns and terrible but wonderful jokes.

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Which then brings us to New Year’s Eve 2020, with Cooper and “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen interviewing Snoop Dogg.

What usually happens when Snoop gets interviewed? He inevitably gets asked questions about notable people he’s smoked with, and sometimes even about the places. The latter is what brought Cooper’s giggle fit this time, and Snoop is just as charming as usual.

We could watch this all day.

Happy 2021, everyone!

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