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This Hot Cocoa Bomb Has a Surprise Baby Yoda Marshmallow Inside

Tis the season for hot cocoa bombs. Nothing beats wrapping up in a blanket with a mug of warm cocoa as you enjoy your favorite shows. That includes watching the various adventures of Mando and The Child. Well, what if you could find a surprise Baby Yoda in your hot cocoa?

Across the internet, hot cocoa bombs have become one of the latest trends. Essentially, they are balls of chocolate that you pour warm milk over to melt into hot cocoa. It’s a fun way to create your favorite holiday drink. Well, these special hot cocoa bombs available on Amazon step up the cocoa bomb game. As your chocolate melts, an adorable Baby Yoda marshmallow peeks out at you. It looks just like when you see him in his pod alongside Mando.

Eventually, he will rise to the surface as the chocolate fully melts. Honestly, he’s almost too cute to eat. According to Galerie Candy’s Instragram post, these special cocoa bombs can also be found at Kroger. You’ll want to act quickly though, as people are already reporting that they are waiting for a restock. We’re sure many people are eager to add this adorable fella to stockings this holiday season.

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So put on some fuzzy socks, wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, and enjoy a sweet treat with Baby Yoda. It will make watching Grogu’s next adventure even sweeter. After all, it’s hard to beat an adorable baby alien and his bounty hunting dad.

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