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“A Merry Hyrule Christmas” Will Bring You Videogame Cheer This Holiday Season

Does it ever feel like something is missing during the holidays? You wear your gaming-themed ugly Christmas sweater and open a ton of nerdy presents. Yet, it feels like something important is missing from your nerdy celebrations. How about some Christmas music? More specifically, how about some Christmas music combined with music from “The Legend of Zelda?”

Image Credit: Materia Collective

Luckily for you, that is now a thing that actually exists. Materia Collective is a music rights company that focuses on videogames. Alongside producer Eric Buchholz and a group of arrangers, the company has brought Zelda some serious holiday cheer. This special album consists of eight Zelda songs beautifully blended with Christmas tunes. From orchestra to rock, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Here is the album’s full tracklist.

  1. Kakariko Village
  2. O Sacred Light
  3. Clock Town Sleigh Ride
  4. Silent Knight
  5. Carol of the Goddess
  6. Dragon Roost Hymn
  7. Din Rest Ye Merry Deku Scrubs
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas
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In a statement to Nerdist, Buchholz explains exactly why the company wanted to make such an album. He says:

“My goal was to create an album of videogame music that could blend seamlessly with classic holiday tunes. I love the idea of folks being able to ‘trick’ their parents, grandparents, and family into listening to videogame music- without them realizing it!”

A worthy cause indeed. So if you would like to add some Hero of Time jingles to your holiday celebrations, look no further. “A Merry Hyrule Christmas” is available now on all streaming platforms and storefronts.

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