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GlobalComix Announces GOLD Tier for Unlimited Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga

If there’s one thing we’re all doing more of during 2020, it’s reading. This isn’t limited solely to books, either, as we’ve been revisiting full runs of comics, and some of our favorite manga. Maybe you’re realizing you need MORE than what you currently have access to, and that’s where GlobalComix comes in with their new GOLD tier.

This all-access subscription tier called GOLD has direct benefits for creators, along with a new toolbox for creators to market their work called SUPERFAN.

Unique to GlobalComix, the GOLD subscription is an initiative designed to benefit creators and owners of content, because each individual subscription’s revenue is only split amongst content owners the reader has actually consumed. 

Creators receive 92-95% of each donation depending on their subscription tier (either free or paid), and have the tools to reward their supporters with “early access” to their new releases. GlobalComix will be adding additional perks for supporters in the near future where creators and publishers can share exclusive content with their superfan supporters, such as work-in-progress content, sketches, character illustrations, and more.

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GOLD provides full access to the GlobalComix digital library. With the ability to read their favorite stories, discover new comics, readers are treated to a new landscape of storytelling all for a simple monthly fee. Home to a host of independent comic creators and celebrated small and emerging publishers, the platform has already resonated with fans who are looking for more than just mainstream comic content.

CEO Christopher Carter says:

“This is a truly fair and equitable model for digital comics. The reader is offered a tremendous value proposition for a small budget, and in accepting those terms they know the creators they support are directly rewarded. If readers simply want to enjoy the free content that’s available on the platform, they will continue to have that option, but our messaging will always be supportive of the entire creative community available to you at GlobalComix.

We know that hardcore comic fans understand the value of creators’ contributions to pop culture, and precisely how difficult it is to sustain your career as an independent. We want to deepen the connection between fans and creators through GlobalComix. Whether you are producing content or reading it, we’re all here because we love the craft.”

GlobalComix GOLD is available for $7.99 per month. You can sign up directly on GlobalComix’s website here.

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