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Become Pizza The Hut with Pizza Hut’s New Weighted Blanket

One of my favorite things to do when I first got married was pretend to be Cookie Monster in my big soft blue blanket. Sure that’s a very weird and specific thing but it was funny as heck. And now that I’ve been married for over ten years now I think it’s time to up my blanket cosplay game. And that can be achieved with this new weighted blanket now sold by Gravity and Pizza Hut. Get ready for an epic cosplay of Pizza the Hut.

This blanket is heavy, warm and circular. And it comes in it’s very own pizza box for storage. You can pull this out when Pizza Hut texts you that they’re there for you every Wednesday. (Note to self: Unsubscribe from Pizza Hut texts, lack of willpower). Or you can just have it out to cuddle under because it’s getting chilly.

Pizza Hut/Gravity

The blanket is being sold for $150. That’s about a 25% discount off of the price of a regular gravity blanket which retails at around $195.

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The Original Pan Weighted Blanket

Simulating the feeling of eating a legendary thick Original Pan® pizza from Pizza Hut, the Original Pan Weighted Blanket by Pizza Hut x Gravity Blanket will bring comfort to your entire body. Combining the power of the revolutionary, science-backed “deep touch pressure stimulation” with the delectable design of the Original Pan Pizza, you’ll achieve deeper sleep and may even have some pizza cravings.

  • A luxurious, therapeutic weighted blanket that’s designed to help improve sleep and will probably also make you really hungry.
  • The Original Pan Weighted Blanket is available in extra, extra, extra, extra, extra-large also known as Queen/King (72″ diameter, 15lbs).
  • This weighted blanket comes in cheese and pepperoni. Perfect for the bed or couch, table or in any decor!
  • Each blanket features a premium micro-plush duvet cover and an inner weighted piece containing fine-grade glass beads. Caution: Though the blanket looks like pizza, there is not actual pizza inside. BUT, never hesitate to order your pizza separately at
  • Precise gridded stitching ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed, like a perfectly sliced pizza, providing comfort every time.
  • The ultra-soft duvet cover is not only super soft but also easily removable, making cleaning a stress-free experience, especially after you get cheese, tomato sauce and crumbs all over it.
  • Please note! The cover is machine washable (wash in cold water, tumble dry on low), while the inner weighted blanket is hand-wash-only and air dry. Also, Pizza Hut pizza is not machine washable.

With other food things coming out this year I’m not surprised that this exists. Good on Pizza Hut for making something actually comfy compared to Arby’s Turkey Pillow fitted for your head(like a hat) and McDonald’s Chicken Nugget pillow. You can order your weighted Pizza Hut blanket at

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