Creative Space: Victorian-Style Library Sleep Over

As a content creator and writer, it can be difficult to find a creative space without distractions. Aside from heading to the mountains to stay in a cabin to collect your thoughts (which is pretty standard for a horror movie death) and turning off your social media, it can be difficult to overcome the writers block. Luckily, The Gladstone Library in Wales provides just that: a massive Victorian Library with over 150,000 titles with bed and breakfast rooms.

The Gladstone Library has 26 rooms for guests to choose from and starting at $96/per night, the massive library is not only vast in its book selection, but it is also gorgeous and peaceful. It is the perfect getaway for novelists, poets, playwrights, even clergy to study and create in a tranquil atmosphere. Founded by former British Prime Minister William Gladstone in the 1800s, the Gladstone Library claims to be the “finest” residential library in the United Kingdom.

The rooms are often described as quirky, with book shelf themed wall paper and no televisions for obvious reasons. There is also a charming cafe for high tea and large selection of scones to nourish you throughout your creative journey. Though the library is only open to the public for 15 minute tours, guests have full access to a number of reading rooms from 9am to 10pm during their stay.

The Gladstone Library has been lauded with awards and hailed as a prime travel destination since its launch, and although the global pandemic has halted much of their foot traffic, it is still a great place to put on your list next time you plan to travel to Wales. If romantic comedies have taught me anything, it’s that if you’re writing novel, it’s best to do it on holiday in a quirky bed and breakfast library in Wales because you will absolutely meet your soulmate there. Just some unsolicited advice to take with you on your library adventures. Do with it what you will.

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