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“Charcuterie Chalets” Are This Years Savory Holiday Trend

Ok so let’s start off by saying I’m sure that these amazing creations have been around for longer than I’ve known about them. But that doesn’t make the awe factor any less. Instead of doing a traditional Gingerbread house that one associates with Christmastime why not try your hand at a Charcuterie Chalet. Your savory loving friends are sure to be glad for a change of pace in Christmas snacks, and if you want to create both savory and sweet? Even better!

While not widely known about(yet) Charcuterie Chalets are something we definitely want to see more of. Sure the shelf life is probably much less than leaving out a gingerbread house to get stale. But if you’re going to make a charcuterie anyway it’s better to just commit.

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The term was coined by reddit user dkmackay who posted the original Instagram post 11 months ago. Unfortunately 11 months ago I must not have been paying attention because let me tell you this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Of course I’m a huge fan of meat and cheese.

The best part about these is that the combinations are endless. I would say cream cheese would be great to use as a building foundation, and probably much easier than frosting. Crackers can be carefully cut or maybe you could just use cardboard and put regular crackers on as shingles. Oh I’m getting so many ideas, probably shouldn’t be writing this while hungry either…

If you end up making a delicious looking meat and cheese creation this year please email us an image!

(OH MY GOD THEY USED PICKLES) This is now officially the best thing ever.

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