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Get a Christmas Sweater for Your Favorite Chicken

It’s the time of year when we start to dig out our wonderfully cozy ugly Christmas sweaters. And not only do humans wear them but also dogs, cats and other animals. It’s getting colder out and we want our pets to be warm right? Well I hate to inform you but it turns out most people forget their chicken friends. Gasp! But there is a solution. AnimalFunandFashion on Etsy has some adorable chicken sized Christmas sweaters that you can get your feathery friends.


These sweaters are selling for anywhere between $14.99 to $18.45. They are the perfect gift for your pets and they allow for easy egg laying as they are completely open in the back. So Henrietta hen doesn’t have to worry about getting herself comfortable.

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Do you have laying hens outside in the cold? Don’t ruffle any feathers! Get those girls in a sweater to keep them happy and warm.
Any color combination is possible. If you don’t see the color you want, let me know in the notes when checking out.

A perfect Christmas gift!

You can check out the listing by clicking on the link here or any of the images above.

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