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PS Plus Members on PS4 Can Reserve “Bugsnax” for PS5

A large group of gamers will find themselves not picking up a PlayStation 5 on launch day. For some players, it’s because they could not get their hands on one of the limited pre-orders. Meanwhile, other players are choosing to wait to receive one on Christmas or until their finances are better. Whatever your reasons, you shouldn’t have to miss out on some of the great deals PlayStation Plus is offering at launch. So, Sony is allowing all current PS Plus members to reserve “Bugsnax” for free.

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Essentially, current PS Plus members can use their PS4 to reserve a free download of “Bugsnax” for the PS5. Once you reserve it, “Bugsnax” will be added to your PSN library. Then, when you get your PS5 up and running you can access your download and have the game for free. This ensures that you don’t miss out on this PS Plus offer even if you don’t get a PS5 right away. This is certainly an amazing offer from PlayStation. No matter when you choose to uprgade, you will have a free game waiting for you.

“Bugsnax” launches on November 12 alongside the PlayStation 5. In this fantastical adventure, you will journey to the island of Snaktooth. Here exists a plethora of half-bug half-snack creatures called Bugsnax. Eating these critters will cause strange alterations to happen to your body. As you explore the island, devour these critters and utilize their abilities to uncover what happened to explorer Elizabert Megafig. Enjoy all of the colorful fun whenever you decide to upgrade to the next gen!

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