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A 5-Story Building “Walks” 62 Meters to New Location

In Shanghai an elementary school built in 1935 walked itself 62 meters(203 feet) to a new location. They had decided that they did not want to tear down the building because it had historical value. So instead engineers started the daunting task of digging underneath to lift up this 5 story building and add mechanical feet to it.

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The walk took 18 days and was done with around 200 “legs” that were added to the underside of the building. They needed to make space for a commercial center and this was their solution. The new commercial center is set to be completed by 2023 and will also serve as office buildings.

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Over the course of 18 days, the building was rotated 21 degrees and moved 62 meters (203 feet) away to its new location. The relocation was completed on October 15, with the old school building set to become a center for heritage protection and cultural education.” – CNN

The building was located in the city’s eastern Huangpu district and people who passed by those 18 days got to see the incredible feat which had never been done before. Watch the building walk in the video below.

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