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Top 5 Video Games with In-Game Gambling

Video games and gambling often cross over because both of those have the element of excitement to them, and the video game developers try to make their games even more exciting by adding some sort of gambling element to them. In most cases, in-game gambling is a kind of side activity you can totally skip and ignore altogether, and sometimes, it becomes an essential part of the gameplay. Most frequently, it is just a way to get some additional in-game achievements or even win some in-game money you can then spend on some cool equipment for your character. Today, we are going to look at some of the popular games that offer you to play some familiar casino games as well as some unique games you’ve never seen before.

Red Dead Redemption 2 

Yes, one of the best action story-driven games of the current generation, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a true masterpiece that carefully recreates the atmosphere of the Old West. And what would the Old West be without saloons without a nice game of poker? 

Or a blackjack? RDR 2 offers you a highly realistic gambling experience in which you play against AI or real players if you play online. If you play RDR 2 Online, you can play with real guys online thanks to review on $5 deposit casino, where you can choose the best casino with the size of the minimum deposit and start with $5 or more. You can even train there for a real casino game, so you should surely review some of the best places to do so if you want some real stuff happening. RDR 2 is truly an amazing game that allows you to feel yourself like a real cowboy, an outlaw, and a real casino gambler, which makes it so insanely great.

Witcher 3

From one masterpiece to another, Witcher 3 has given us a bit more than the truly amazing and masterfully crafted game it happens to be. The Witcher has given us Gwent! That’s right, instead of putting any of the existing card game in their fictional world, the developers came up with a brilliant card game of their own called Gwent. The Gwent is a quite peculiar entertainment that often drags the gamers away from the main quest and even the monster hunt contracts – it’s just too awesome. We won’t go into describing the rules of Gwent, you better try it out yourself because you can now play it as a separate mobile game that’s available on most mobile devices. 

Grand Theft Auto 5

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GTA is yet another popular game by the guys who made RDR 2. It simulates real life in many aspects, including gambling. There are real full-scale casinos in GTA online, so you can walk into an almost real casino with your friends and play all the awesome games you like to play. There are almost all kinds of entertainment you’d find in an actual casino. Rockstar studios also had casinos in the previous installments of their famous series about stealing cars and shooting people left and right, but what they did in GTA online is beyond any comparison. Besides, you can now rob the casino with your friends, so you can just go there and get the money you want.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a grotesque post-apocalyptic picture of what society might look like after mankind drags itself towards almost total extinction. Here, you would roam the open world wastelands shooting your foes left and ring and trying to survive against the odds. If you find it problematic to find better equipment or guns, you can use an in-game slot machine that lets you win some of the most awesome items in the game. It works just like the real-life slot you’d see in most casinos, but instead of money, this one gives you guns! If that isn’t awesome, then I don’t know what is.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is one of many installments in this old series, so you must have played at least some of those. If you haven’t, you are probably either too young or you just don’t like the visual style of these games, which is quite peculiar. Here, you can play a Triple Triad game, which is completely luck-based and does not require you to come up with any strategy. Instead, you just get the cards on your hand, and if your cards are higher than your opponent’s cards, you win the day! That’s quite simple, but the good thing is that the developers came up with their own idea instead of just taking something that already exists and wrapping it inside their world. 

Wrap Up

Of course, these are not all of the games that feature some sort of gambling in them. There are such timeless masterpieces as Fall Out New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Sims, and many others that can offer you to enjoy some of the existing casino entertainments as well as their own unique types of games. Of course, we do not play RDR 2 for a saloon poker, and we surely do not play Witcher for Gwent, but these small additions make the gaming experience so much more fun and immersive. That is why the developers keep on putting such mechanics in their games just to make the gameplay so much more exciting and diverse.

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