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Spirit Halloween is Selling a 6.5ft Animatronic Krampus

Imagine being able to keep a scary decoration up from October to the end of the year. Well with this new terrifying Krampus now you can, if you want. Spirit Halloween is selling a 6’5″ Krampus that will scare even the most brave kid/adult.

All I can keep thinking is that it’s a good thing my kids not downstairs while I write about this. Because this thing is nightmare inducing. If you saw the movie in 2015 or you grew up with scary stories being told to you then you know just how terrifying this tale is.

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You can check out the listing on Spirit Halloween’s Website by clicking the link here. Or you can purchase it from Amazon for the same price by clicking the link here.

If you do decide to pick one of these up make sure to send your pictures to us! We’d love to see what kind of Halloween set up you have.

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