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Paul Rudd, “Certified Young Person” Drops New PSA for Wearing a Mask

Check out this new PSA with Paul Rudd where he tells us that wearing a mask is not only super important but also totally beast! Since he’s only like 26 or a vampire and eternally young we know we can trust him when he says that we need to wear a mask. Heck he even takes a phone call with Billie Eilish saying that she’s wearing HER mask! Watch the commercial down below and decide for yourself if you think that masking up is now a million times cooler!

The video itself is meant for young people, or who we might call “Millenials”. He goes through all the motions and language that he believes that we can understand. And it comes across as cute and kind of corny. He’s done a great job at keeping it away from cringy. Though Rudd has always been incredibly great with comedy and timing.

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What do you think of this cool new PSA? Do you think your Tiktoker will join the trend #endthepandemic?

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