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You Can Now Put in a Free Request for a Wienermobile to Propose in Front Of!

Forget proposing in front of the Disney castle, now you can request the Wienermobile for the best backdrop ever! And the best part is it’s totally FREE!

Inspired by their very own Zach and Cheese who recently proposed to his girlfriend(she said yes!), Oscar Mayer is now renting out the Wienermobile for proposals and special days.

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They ask that you request use of the vehicle at least 3-12 months in advance so that they can ensure that it is available. This definitely tops the list of things to propose in front of. Requests will be accepted based on the Wienermobile’s availability and those who are selected will be notified the week prior to their requested date.

So while it may not be the most for sure thing if you’re a planner, it could be a very cool surprise. Also kind of a good thing for those of us who have a hard time keeping a secret(points to self).

Request the Wienermobile by clicking the link here. Good luck!

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