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Duncan Jones Starts “Dredd” Fight on Twitter, ‘The Law’ Shows Up

If there’s one thing we’re still REALLY hoping we get in the near future, it’s the “Dredd” offshoot series “Mega City One.” Publishing house Rebellion even bought a damn studio facility in order to sort of jumpstart the process, with Netflix onboard for a continuation of Pete Travis‘s 2012 “Dredd” film starring Karl Urban.

This brings us to filmmaker Duncan Jones– who is helming another 2000 AD property’s film adaptation with “Rogue Trooper“- and his…challenge…on Twitter.

On the surface, this is just the normal run-of-the-mill “this person is cool” tweet that could possibly mean Jones’ wants to see Josh Brolin pick up the helmet for “Mega City One.” Sure, he’d be an ok choice, but, someone else needed to point out something on this thread.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, photo courtesy of Lionsgate

Urban showed up and threw some serious shade Jones’ way, posting the Rotten Tomatoes score for “Warcraft,” which Jones directed to….strained….audience and critical reception.

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Back in March, Urban commented on whether or not we’d ever see more Dredd in a film while doing press for Amazon’s “The Boys at C2E2’s March 2020 event.

“Listen, I would love to make it, I’m on the record saying that a bunch of times. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. I think that the guys that own the rights to Dredd, Rebellion, I think they’re developing something called ‘Mega-City One’ and it would just be great to see more Dredd, whether it’s with me or not, it doesn’t matter. I’m a fan of Dredd and there’s so many great stories there. I’d love to see them. And I have no doubt that, someday, someone will make it. It’s just a matter of time.”

Last we heard about Mega City One, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley stopped by our friends’ V2A’s (hi guys love you!) Emergency Broadcast System live-show and shared some pretty good news.

“I want there to be a sequel. We’ve got the rights back so we can do it, we’ve just got to get rid of this virus thing that’s going on at the moment, and then hopefully things can kick off in all sorts of different areas of making film and TV. It’s all very messed up at the moment for everybody. A lot of work has been done on all sorts of different scripts actually.

So Mega-City One the TV show. Basically, we can’t go into production because of the [situation] and we’ve got scripts and everything is ready to go but the problem is, because of the [situation] and everybody’s funding changes and everybody’s shifting around.”

We want it. A lot.

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