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Epic Games is Letting You Make Your Own “Free Fortnite” Merch

The battle between Epic Games and Apple rages on! Recently, Apple terminated Epic’s developer account on the App Store. This means that all of Epic’s products have entirely disappeared from the Apple App Store. If you have already downloaded “Fortnite” you can still play it, but you will be unable to update to the season four Marvel content. While the legal battle continues, Epic is attempting to sway public opinion to them through their “Free Fortnite” campaign. So why not offer people free stuff to make them like you?

R.I.P. to all the iOS players missing out on the new season (Screenshot Credit: Epic Games & IGN)

Epic Games is allowing people to make and sell their own “Free Fortnite” merch at no cost. In fact, the company has created an asset pack that is available on the Unreal Engine site. Simply head to the site and you can design and sell your own shirts, stickers or other merchandise using the “Free Fortnite” logo. It’s just another way for Epic Games to rally support while also making another jab at Apple.

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The best part? The “Free Fortnite” logo is a parody of one of Apple’s older designs. It’s a llama head with rainbow stripes across it. Honestly, regardless of your feelings on the Apple-Epic feud it is a nice logo to have. So, if you are hoping to make a quick buck or show your support to Epic now is the perfect time. How often do you get the chance to use a company’s logo and not get sued for it?

It’s unclear how long Epic Games will have this logo available, so better to get a jump on it now.

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