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DrLupo Crowned Best “Fall Guys” Player in the World

There can be only one. In a battle royale where players must overcome obstacles and each other to achieve victory, someone is bound to shine brighter than the rest. That someone is DrLupo. The popular Twitch streamer recently logged on to the game to discover undeniable proof that he is currently the world’s best “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” player.

Recently, the “Fall Guys” Twitter account made a post searching for The Fallen One. Identifying The Fallen One as the game’s statistically best player, the account told players to check their inventory. The chosen player would discover that they received the game’s newest outfit early. I bet it was quite the pleasant surprise for DrLupo when he logged in to find himself the player in question. His reward? A P-Body Costume from “Portal 2.” While the costume is available to everyone today, his early access to it allowed him to show off his achievement.

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Even Mediatonic had no idea who the player was when they gave them the costume. That’s why they so adamantly asked players to check if it was them. DrLupo posted a clip of discovering the outfit in his inventory on August 21. The “Fall Guys” official Twitter confirmed his discovery shortly afterwards. So while you may be good at “Fall Guys,” you’re not as good as DrLupo. That’s ok though. After all, the game is fun even when you lose. So if you are looking for a good time, head on over and check out “Fall Guys” for yourself. Maybe you can take DrLupo’s crown.

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