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DC Fandome: “The Suicide Squad” Panel Kicks Off

James Gunn kicks off the official DC FanDome panel for “The Suicide Squad,” and we’re pretty excited to see what is in store. Gunn says it was the most fun he’s ever had working on a film. Also, he says the character he was most excited to write for was Harley Quinn.

Gunn also revealed he absolutely loves Batmite. “Don’t think I didn’t think about putting Batmite in Suicide Squad, because I ABSOLUTELY did.”

The entire cast was revealed along with flashes of who they’re playing!

Viola Davis is Amanda Waller, Michael Rooker is Savant, Fluva Borg is Javelin, Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, David Dastmalchian is Polka-Dot Man, Daniela Melchior is Ratcatcher-2, Joel Kinnamen is Rick Flagg, Jai Courtney is Captain Boomerang, Idris Elba is Bloodsport, Steve Agee is King Shark, Mayling NG is Mangal, Peter Capaldi is Thinker, Alice Braga is Sulsora, Pete Davidson is Blackguard, Sean Gunn is Weasel, John Cena is Peacemaker, and Nathan Fillion is TDK.

There will also be two original villains coming to the film- General Luna played by Juan Diego Botto, and Major General Suarez played by Joaquín Cosío.

The panel continues with each of the assembled cast picking who they’d want in a head-to-head battle. Let it be known that Viola Davis knows her comics!

The featurette shown is absolutely EVERYTHING we were hoping for. Big explosions, fantastic fight sequences, and Harley Quinn in pants getting a freaking rocket launcher.

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The Suicide Squad” is still currently slated for an August 6th, 2021.

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