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“Back to the Future” Star Lea Thompson says she’s Astral Projected

While guesting on Dan Fogler‘s 4D Xperience Videocast with Bernie Bregman and Ross Marquand, Lea Thompson let go some very juicy information. She said that it started when she was a kid and had an earlier bedtime than her siblings, and still wanting to be a part of the action she learned how to leave her body. You can watch the entire thing down below!

Astral Projection if you don’t know is that ability to leave you body while it sleeps. It’s a crazy experience that you have to get used to but once you do it’s really freeing. You can go literally anywhere and see things you would have never imagined from different perspectives.

When Lea talks about her first experience she goes into detail what it was like. A whooshing sound and being able to see 360 degrees around your body. The objects are there but you can travel through them because you are not limited to your bodies confines. It is usually a scary experience at first, until you realize what it going on. Then once you do, you can intentionally hone those abilities and train yourself how to do it on purpose. But whatever you do you have to have a strong will.

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This is just one amazing tidbit that we’ve learned on Dan Fogler’s 4D Xperience Podcast on Facebook and they always host the most amazing conversations. Getting to know this about Lea Thompson honestly makes me love her even more. Especially since this is one thing we share in common.

Lea Thompson Astral Projection

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