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Nerds Gummy Clusters Coming Soon!

If you love the Nerds rope then you’re probably going to love these new Gummy Clusters that are coming from Nestlé. Set to debut on store shelves in August they will definitely be something us candy people look forward to. They are set to be widely available by October.

New NERDS Gummy Clusters from Nestlé
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They look like tiny little asteroids that are covered in Nerdy goodness. The core will be a fruity gummy much like the nerds rope.

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Nerds Gummy Clusters will be in 3 oz share pouches and cost around $1-2. The value peg pouches will be $1.00 and theater boxes will range from .99 cents to $1.50. They will also have 5 oz medium peg pouches that will range from around $2-$3 and an 8 oz stand up pouch ranging from $2.50- $4.00.

No matter what your stance on candy is I think we can all agree this is pretty awesome. So start hunting now because it won’t be long!

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