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Amsterdam Building Wonka Chocolate Factory with Roller Coaster!

It’s Wonka time! Kind of.. Dutch confectionery company Tony’s Chocolonely recently shared more information about their ultimate chocolate factory they are currently building. They plan to make a “mega chocolate factory with roller coaster” and have shown what it will look like.

Tony’s Chocoloney

The factory hopes to get about 500,000 visitors a year. In Amsterdam Tony’s Chocoloney is the most popular chocolate brand. The factory will be located in Zaandam and will have a full sized roller coaster that goes through its buildings. They will be calling the building “Tony’s Chocoloeney Chocolate Circus” and it will take inspiration from Roald Dahl‘s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

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Tony is hopeful that the factory will be complete by 2024 and that the cost of the construction is going to be around $115-162 million.

In a statement from 2018 they say that the factory will be a complete experience and will teach you not only about the chocolate factory but also the work that goes into making the chocolate from scratch. Tony makes an effort to pay farmers a living wage and uses bean tracker technology to ensure that their supply chains are 100 percent traceable.

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