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Our Dream Box Combo is Back! Wine and Cheez-it

Last year Cheez-it announced that they would be teaming up with Walla Walla, Washinton vitner House Wine to create the perfect day in a box. They released a combination of red wine and classic cheese its and they did it to celebrate national cheese and wine day which is July 25th. This year they’ve brought back the treat with some delicious Rosé and white cheddar cheez its.

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They will be available everywhere starting today, July 23rd and last while supplies last. They are limited edition so if you want to get your groove on you should start searching now. Of course you could always get your favorite brand of wine and just recreate the combo. But there’s something nice about the novelty of having a box at the ready.

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Knowing that this is the second year running of the collaboration is nice because it means that more than likely they will surprise us with yet another combination.

What’s your favorite wine pairing with Cheez-its? Tell us in the comments!

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