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31 Flavors in Japan Has the Cutest Pokémon Ice Cream Right Now!

Even though we can’t travel due to COVID it’s still fun to check out what kind of cool things other countries have right now. Japan is celebrating a 31 Poké Summer and has added two new pikachu flavors of ice cream and a four pokémon ice cream cake! Man if ever I wanted to dig in on some Pokémon ice cream it’s definitely now.

What’s more is that you can also get it served up single scoop style in a really cute Poke-bowl. See what I did there? No really it’s a Pokeball but you know what I mean.

Not only do they have these but they’ve also got some very cute themed spoons that collectors are going to want to keep.

And these cups..

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And we mentioned cake earlier! Here’s the cake we were talking about.

Yummy! Plus they wrap it up in this box that also doubles as a game board.

Hopefully they will catch on in the states and host some kind of cool Pokémon ice cream here too. But yeah for the meantime we’re just stuck eyeing the goodies from Baskin Robbin’s Japan.

What’s your favorite flavor if ice cream? Tell us in the comments!

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