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How to Design the Ultimate Entertainment Room

Though most of us don’t have a fully-fledged projector in our entertainment rooms coupled with movie seats, that does not mean we cannot have an impressive home theatre system to call our own. A spot in your basement, your living room, even a small nook somewhere in your home will make do. The ultimate entertainment system is not so much about what you have, but what you do and your creativity. 

There are many features that people have on their dream list for their entertainment system, but at its core, you need three things: 

  • An electronic system that works for you 
  • Comfort 
  • A great look 

Don’t worry too much about not being able to pull together the ultimate entertainment room in a single afternoon. While you can set up the space for the future, you should give yourself the breathing space to add new gaming consoles, speaker systems, and more as time goes on. New devices are coming out yearly so don’t rush to buy everything you need immediately, especially if it will stretch your budget. 

Instead, follow this guide and be patient. Big sale days, DIY projects and just organic decorating takes time, so keep these lessons in mind while you build your ultimate entertainment room: 

Electronics and Gaming 

A great entertainment system is so much more than a TV you can hook your different consoles to. Though it certainly isn’t as complicated as it used to be, you do need to strategize how you intend to put your entertainment system together. 

At the very least, this should include some form of sound system, your television, and your existing gaming consoles. Add everything else you need as you go, and keep in mind if you need a central system to control your other devices. 

Also, remember; all gaming consoles can play DVDs and are capable of downloading and running all the big streaming apps, so you don’t need additional devices for this. On top of investing in the right equipment, also remember: 

Ideal Television Distance 

Every television size has the ideal distance range printed right on the box. Get a TV too big, and your eyes will struggle to handle it. Get one too small, and you’ll be squinting at the screen. 

Pay attention to this distance suggestion and build your room around its recommendation, even if it means bringing your furniture forward and away from the wall. 

Non-Electronic Gaming 

Your entertainment room is a natural location to also host board and card games, so bring them all into the same space. A good coffee table is all you need to convert your high-tech entertainment room into an old-school hang out. 


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Second, to the actual entertainment systems you invest in is your comfort. Above all, comfort is a must. What’s a movie without a comfortable sofa to snuggle into? What’s a big game night if some people are sitting on the hard floor? Prioritize comfort, even when it comes to figuring out the layout, and your entertainment room is sure to be a hit. 

What You Need Out of Your Living Room Set 

Sectional couches that allow you to stretch out in two directions are the ideal choice for any entertainment room. Alternatively, you could have a sofa and an ottoman, or a reclining chair and a couch to provide you with the same level of comfort options. 

Guest Seating 

The entertainment room ends up being where a lot of people host their friends or family at one point or another. Investing in comfortable guest seating can make their visit infinitely more comfortable, rather than designating them to sit on the bare floor or sit on your repurposed dining chairs. 

Ideally, you will want comfortable seating that can be stored away in a closet when you don’t need it. Comfy Sack bean bag chairs fit this description and are some of the most comfortable seats you can invest in. They can be repurposed in a variety of spaces throughout your home, providing good support for some up-close gaming or extra chairs. 


There are two kinds of entertainment rooms. There is the entertainment room hidden off in the basement, with barren walls and makeshift furniture. It is not decorated or organized, and it’s probably cold. 

The other type of entertainment room is a true heart of a home, where you can relax, enjoy movie nights, play a wide variety of games, and where you can host all of your friends. You put effort into this room. It’s tastefully done, it’s decorated, and it all works together. 

Don’t rush, making your entertainment room evolve into the second type. Take your time. When you see a picture you like, buy it. When you spot a great pillow on sale, treat yourself to it. Decorating slowly is always the way to go. 


In your entertainment room, more than anywhere else, you are going to want to be able to control the lighting. Dimmer lights are a good option, but so too are lamps. If you’re going to be able to customize lighting to suit whatever situation you are enjoying in your entertainment room, you can even upgrade your lamps into smart lights for additional control. 


Storage is a big one, and you won’t want everything out in the open, either. Consider hidden storage items like a multi-purpose ottoman or coffee table as well as an open shelf. Most people want to keep things like wires hidden for aesthetic purposes. Work out what you have, and how you can best organize the unsightly electronic components to hide them from view. 

People often invest in kitchen remodels. They put a lot of care into their bedrooms. One room that is often overlooked or underdeveloped is the entertainment room. Convert your living room to handle all your entertainment needs or repurpose your basement for the task. An adequately designed entertainment room is invaluable in modern homes and an excellent center for all your hosting needs.

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