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DC Comics x Zales Collaborate on “Wonder Woman” Fine Jewelry

DC Comics has partnered with Zales to bring us a whole new collection of fine jewelry for “Wonder Woman 1984”. If you don’t think you’re going to be interested in some comic book jewelry you may want to take a look at some of the pieces in the collection. They are exactly what you would want to wear and aren’t too obtuse. Some comicbook jewelry doesn’t quite hit the mark, but with this new collaboration you might just want to buckle down and commit.

Zales/DC Comics

The best pieces by far are the charm bracelet, necklace with Wonder Woman’s symbol and the matching ring. In the rest of the pieces you can see that her lasso of truth has been turned into earrings. Her cuffs have been transformed into a dainty bracelet. And the set for Cheetah has beautiful rings. One that looks like a cheetah and another that looks like a paw. These could be used to accessorize a beautiful themed outfit with printed leggings or a wild looking shirt.

The jewelry is set to debut at Comic Con at Home but is available to buy on the Zales website.

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They do have even more than they are showing in the picture above including more rings, one based on her tiara and another based on her older tiara.

Check out that cute WW symbol engraved on the inside!

These would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe who loves Wonder Woman. Or if you know someone who has dedicated their lives to the DC fandom I would even suggest it as an engagement ring. There are plenty to pick from and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

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