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“Valorant” Update Promises Six New Agents Per Year and More

Valorant” is taking the world by storm. During its closed beta, the 5v5 tactical shooter saw a massive amount of viewers and players . After all, getting a chance at the closed beta required people to tune in and watch matches. Now the game is out and available for everyone, but what players see is far from the final product. In a recent update by executive producer Anna Donlon, we got some crucial details about the game’s content schedule.

Image Credit: Riot Games

First and foremost, the next content drop for “Valorant” will happen at the beginning of Act 2. “Valorant” content is broken up into six-month episodes which are then further divided into two-month acts. This means players can expect three acts within each episode. At the beginning of each new act, a new agent will be appearing in game. In total, this means we can expect six new agents within a year. However, this number is not set in stone. Riot Games is asking for community feedback on what the “sweet spot” is for new characters to be added.

What is with the giant floating island? (Image Credit: Riot Games)
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Episodes and acts are also where “Valorant” will begin to delve into its story. Why is there an island floating in the sky? What is with the strange green boxes everywhere? Donlon promises that we will begin getting answers to these questions over the course of the year. We can expect “significantly more to come around episode two.” In fact, while minor updates and patches will happen fairly regularly, significant updates will occur at the beginning of new episodes. So expect map releases and major feature changes to occur only at episode starts.

As for new game modes, Riot Games has yet to decide if they should be added at the beginning of acts or episodes. However, there is a high probability that a new game mode will be added before the start of episode 2. Ranked mode is finally out now and available to everyone. Finally, Riot Games is confronting cheaters and disruptive behavior with an entire team dedicated solely to handling these issues. So make sure to report any bad behavior so the team can work to eliminate these players from the game.

For now, those are all of the significant updates that have been confirmed. You can watch the entire five minute video below.

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