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A New S’mores Flavored Hostess Cupcake is Coming!

Prepare your sweet tooth for another splash of flavor with the new s’mores Hostess CupCake!  This flavor fits perfectly for the summer time where nights are spent in the calming outdoors.  They can be packed as a snack on camping trips or savored as a simple snack at home.  Whatever the occasion, you’re in for a treat!

S’mores CupCakes are anticipated to hit the stores on July 9.  You can also find them here on Walmart’s page.  (That’s if they aren’t all sold out). 

This summer-time favorite was a great find of @junkbanter who posts all sorts of fun food finds.   

“Walmart has the exclusive rights to a brand new, cupcake version of s’mores courtesy of @hostess_snacks!” 

“What’s fun here is what the box isn’t telling you: the yellow cake is graham cracker flavored (at least according to the PR email I got, which also says they are *moist*).  The filling is toasted marshmallow flavored to.”

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“This is pretty ambitious and although there’s a decent chance this just tastes like “cupcake” more than anything else, I’m eager to track these down.” 

As part of their limited edition treats, Hostess has released Star Spangled CupCakes to celebrate July 4.  They are available from May 18 to July 4. The Start Spangled Ding Dongs are also available for the same span of time.

Photo: Hostess

You can check out the other new and limited time goodies at the Hostess website.

Cover Photo: Walmart

What do you think about this new flavor from Hostess?  Will you try it? 

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