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“Star Wars” Porch Lights will Keep Your Home Safe from Rebel Scum

What better way to say you’re a “Star Wars” fan than putting up a wreath or something outside your home for all to see? When I lived in my first apartment with my husband we put a giant Darth Vader cut out in the window right by the front door. That way when people walked by they would either be scared(lol) or just know that a couple of nerds lived there. That and our massive comic book collection when you first walked in was a dead give away anyhow. But if we had this option which is much classier in my opinion we would have just hung one of these out on the porch instead.

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As you can see the white plastic for the Stormtrooper does a great job of lighting up the area while the Darth Vader one has more ambiance to it. If you like things to be a bit darker then I would suggest going with Darth Vader. Especially if you are stumbling home and bright lights are a bit too much. They seem to imply that these lights are for Halloween decor in their next image but I think we all know that these are for all year round.

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And the image above showcases what I think they will be selling for the Halloween season. A bunch of decorative Star Wars cut outs, light up bags and the typical Halloween stuff you normally see. You know like the cobwebs and string decor.

You can check out the listing for these porch lights by clicking the link here.

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