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Care-Bears Artist Muriel Fahrion Creates Black Lives Matter Versions of her Famous Cartoons

It’s always a nice thing to see someone who’s done something amazing with your childhood stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. Muriel Fahrion has come front and center lately with her new drawings of Care-Bears and Strawberry Shortcake black lives matter pictures.

She’s remained an active part of my life at least since I’ve been following her on Instagram and while she’s usually full of fun and whimsy, has decided to make the world a better place again. This time through raising money for the Reed Foundation which she’s raised her goal of $1,000 for.

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The fundraiser is now closed, but it’s really heartwarming to know that she drew these for such a good cause. The Reed foundation is a Black founded organization that helps disadvantaged youth in Tulsa. If you would like to follow Muriel Fahrion on Instagram you can click on the image above or follow the link here.

Check out her other Redbubble designs here.

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