Stadium-Sized Asteroid Headed for Earth this Week

I bet you thought that title was going to say something apocalyptic didn’t you? Well, with the way 2020 is shaping up I don’t blame you. What with COVID-19 and then Murder Hornets…what more can happen? Well it’s been reported that a bunch of new asteroids will be zooming past Earth this week. And among them is one the size of a stadium.

On June 6th, this coming Saturday at 5:20 in the morning (gmt) a 1,100 ft diameter asteroid will fly by us.

Asteroids pass by the Earth everyday so this is nothing new really, but the size is quite significant. NASA has been keeping an eye on it and currently they are saying we have nothing to worry about.

The sheer size makes it notable as the others that are coming this week measure from 52ft to 110 ft. Named 2002 NN4, it is expected to come the closest to Earth. Its closest approach will be 3,160,000 miles away. The asteroid will be 13 times farther than the distance between Moon’s orbit and Earth. So we’re pretty safe.

Courtesy of NASA

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